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The tweet showing a man talking to a woman in a club is gone but not forgotten

Posted on: November 26, 2019, in Blog

Nothing good in life lasts forever. This is especially true of memes spread on social media.

A brief video of a man whispering to a woman in a cluband the woman becoming increasingly not into whatever he is talking aboutwent viral on Wednesday. The tweet featuring a brief video had tens of thousands of likes when it was deleted by Twitter user @campmarylu on Thursday. The users account appears to have been deleted as well.

The 11-second clip is no longer on Twitter, but it has been exported to other social media platforms, where it lives on.

We had a snake draft where I picked up JuJu and Joe Mixon who are both underperforming for my team. Needless to say Ive been making huge pickups on the waiver wire to keep myself in the playoff hunt. (via tw/campmarylu)

Posted by Barstool Sports on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The tweet invited Twitter users to caption this, and caption they did.

In general, Twitter users captioned the tweet with long diatribes about things that, stereotypically, men babble on about while women couldnt care less. The average use of the meme exhausted the Twitter character limit to explain some obscure or inane aspect of a stereotypically bro-friendly pastime.

There was professional wrestling.

There was fantasy football.

And of course, people took the opportunity to nitpick various aspects of the Star Wars and Marvel universes.

Some even brought up that inexplicably beloved bro film,Shawshank Redemption.

People also used the tweet to hold forth on topics they are particularly passionate about that dont have stereotypically bro-friendly connotations. As is often the case with memes, some used the opportunity to opine on their pet subject. After all, what else is Twitter for but obsessing over the same narrow issue over and over again with slight variations on the theme?

One Twitter user talked about the challenges of implementing high-speed rail in the United States.

Youd better believe that various members of Left Twitter used the opportunity to once again relitigate the fate of Jeffrey Epstein.

And some of them were just kind of oddly specific and made us uncomfortable.

No meme can last forever, and this ones life was cut incredibly short. But, we will always have the joy of participating in the meme and this man in the club will have the memory of saying something so off-putting that the whole internet found out about it.

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