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WOM Protocol Announces Token Launch On DOEX Exchange

Posted on: September 26, 2022, in ZyCrypto

WOM Protocol, a web3 martech solution, announces its debut on DOEX Exchange. The WOM (word-of-mouth) token will be able to be traded thanks to the new listing. WOM offers martech tools to help users, platforms, brands, and creators align their interests. It focuses on the $521 billion annual digital marketing spend and advertising, which is the primary source of income for content platforms.

The WOM Protocol gives brands and advertisers access to this user-generated content (UGC) as an alternative to advertisements while also allowing creators and content authenticators to monetize their genuine word-of-mouth recommendations. Social networks and publishers are compensated for showing WOM content rather than advertisements. With the decentralized peer-to-peer review system built into WOM, all content is guaranteed to earn once approved for its quality. For marketing and sales conversion, advertisers have access to content that has been verified.

Right now, the social commerce app YEAY and the “TikTok of Crypto” app BULLZ both incorporate the protocol. WOM Protocol is now scaling to further integrate into more platforms, websites, and apps after being live and tested. There is already an organic demand from brands to use WOM tokens for real-world word-of-mouth advertising, as evidenced by numerous campaigns for web3 initiatives like EuroReels, ROCKI, Jigstack, and others.

User-generated content (UGC) is being monetized in new ways by platforms, gig seekers, and creators of all kinds, thanks to the tooling that WOM Protocol is leading the way in providing. WOM Protocol’s founder and CEO, Melanie Mohr:

“The infrastructure of the WOM Protocol is built on the fundamentals of a decentralized MarTech solution. This enables creating a sustainable token economy, giving brands and advertisers access to their real product fans. Staking mechanisms are built within the protocol to increase reputation and earnings in a natural way, while ensuring the quality of the content and authentication process.”

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